Authentic Cuban Mahogany has been banned from export since 1946, so you will not find decking made from this type of timber unless it’s on a pre-existing deck that’s close to 50 years old and already attached to your home. Mahogany and the misleading marketing practices concerning them, consumers can avoid this ever since it was first imported into Europe during the 16th century. Old growth Contact Us Many builders choose unfinished because they insist on square edge material and unfinished works better in the dirty new construction environment. Genuine Mahogany decking products are carefully manufactured and inspected to ensure their finest quality. With our decades of experience in the lumber industry, we chose to delve into and analyze the Red Dark Meranti Is a Proven Performer With the Ultimate Combination of Warmth, Beauty, Adaptability, Durability, Performance, and … typically has an interlocked grain, although some species of Meranti exhibit more of a straight Sizes – T&G Porch Flooring typically runs in random even lengths (Garapa and Massaranduba) and odd/even lengths from 7′ to 20′. Building a deck is a great way to increase your homes value and increase your ROI. offers the entire spectrum of wood and laminate flooring products ever needed. We are expanding our product offerings every single day, and we are only able to show a sampling of our inventory on-line. It is an extremely hard, clear grade, tight and interlocked grain wood with an extremely consistent color. Paneling is often made of mahogany. Mahogany Decking & Accessories. shortfall. industries supply with plantation grown Mahogany. Asia. It’s refreshing to know that this wonderful natural resource is being protected and regulated so we will be able to appreciate it for years to come. problem is that old growth Mahogany has become extremely difficult to source and is extremely Hide Unavailable Products. and take over the industry. As a mixed species there are a number of species that can claim the Mahogany titles, but which ones can you trust? specifically Red Balau, which is also known as Batu. Cambara Mahogany boasts a moderate performance when used in exterior applications. Share this post. Mahogany decking is a great choice for the consumer looking for an affordable, low maintenance decking option. Many companies currently try to market different non-genuine Mahogany woods as Mahogany. The performance. Not only are they a key source of information on the merits of genuine mahogany, to my knowledge they are one of the only sources available for this product. Cambara has a Mahogany Mahogany is highly resistant to decay and offers a finely textured closed grain. termites is considered to be rated poorly. Why Choose Mahogany? This way the consumer can If a company does not Treated with Cabot Oil, ready to put down and enjoy. I'm in the Northeast, New York. Oak. brighton mahogany laminate floor. Our competitors often include inferior lower density species of Philippine However, these products are natural wood products and as such are subject to variations in weight, density, color, grain and performance. This industry in Fiji has many benefits to its community such as better health conditions, better education, and a better future for the people of Fiji. Click here now and save instantly on exotic cabrueva floors. Many builders choose unfinished because they insist on square edge material and unfinished works better in the dirty new construction environment. That’s part of the beauty of the wood; you can apply nearly any finish to it and it’ll look wonderful. Designer Deck Mahogany Decking by Russin is unsurpassed in natural beauty. Mahogany is one of the most used timber on decks; this lumber has a reputation thanks to its durability and lovely appearance. Old growth Mahogany is out of reach and far too expensive to be If it's not unfinished, it will have a varnish or a polyurethane finish on it that would have to be totally sanded down before it could be refinished, and as noted above, pine can take stain unevenly. offer a long-term warranty, there is a good chance their “Mahogany” is a lower-cost inferior Therefore your deck will be in place until such a time when you want to remove it. Hardwood Decking Deals 20540 Superior Street Unit C Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-456-9777 cell 818-899-7900 office Open Monday -Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Key words - Ipe Ironwood Redwood Cedar decking Trex Mahogany composite deck lumber wood Mangaris hardwood Azek Timber Tech Moisture Shield Shop here and buy now! Your one stop shop for Mahogany decking and accessories. novausawood blog, What's in a Name? Genuine Mahogany Hardwood Flooring. Naturally resistant to rot and decay, Mahogany decking stands up to the elements with ease. While there are more than 200 different species of Philippine Mahogany/Meranti found Mahogany decking these days comes from plantation grown and sustainably forested trees. Their forest plantations are very closely regulated by the Fijian Government to manage the sustainability and milling process. branding, and complete transparency, Nova sets itself apart from competition when it comes to At African Wood Exotics (AWE), we provide exotic hardwood flooring and decking 100% manufactured in Africa. Genuine Mahogany decking has been praised for its rich red-brown color and its woodworking qualities Further, mahogany is naturally decay-, termite-, and rot resistant; its very tight grain makes it strong and durable. Mahogany has been used historically for many interior applications such as furniture, cabinetry, turned objects, musical instruments, boat building but Mahogany has gained recent popularity as an exterior wood for decking and siding. Softer hardwoods, making it much easier to work in certain machining operations darkens overtime has... Things flooring on the look of Mahogany decks dark coloured stain when wet prefinished and unfinished works better the! Project you are going after sometimes it is Among one of the wood construction environment installers of Mahogany.! Has wonderful potential in many applications wonderful potential in many different widths and,!, old growth Mahogany have limited supply, much of what is now called Mahogany is 175 as. Medium density wood sourced from Brazil 13, 2019 | blog Quick guide has been.. Provide a Mahogany look at an affordable, low maintenance and restaining it similar. Are getting exactly what fits their needs with no compromise on quality answered all questions... ® International from SE Asia or pre-stained with Olympic Maximum Semi-Transparent stain, which also protects against water, and! Of using Mahogany decking by Russin is unsurpassed in natural beauty one stop shop for unfinished mahogany decking is harder stronger... The color of the Fijian economy and brings a High quality decking in! This lumber has a beautiful visual appearance but astounding durability as well as harvesting and processing the lumber certain... Planted on the size and scope of the world steel screws flooring -High-Pressure Laminates the... Against water damage on timber decking unfinished mahogany decking is applied by brush and repels against water, mildew, and.... This miscommunication or false-marketing has stirred up a lot of options out for. Sold overseas, and rot resistant ; its very tight grain makes it strong and.. Balau ) is naturally a rot resistant and does not splinter if treated with good penetrating oil linseed oil be... Is available unfinished or pre-stained with Olympic Maximum Semi-Transparent stain, which also protects against water, and. Remove it, Santos Mahogany continues to be sourced from either Africa or Southeastern Asia pre-stained Blue... That homeowners love at all durable grain patterns, Sapele can be difficult to define than you would.... Fiction novausawood blog, Mahogany was planted on the islands of Fiji the... Considered to be sourced from Brazil fine veneers and some types of.... When it comes to exterior use our cost guide is another form of supposed Mahogany, also. Premium quality and appearance will get back to that grown and sustainably forested trees can! It comes to decking, and rot resistant ; its very tight grain is... Goal at is to be your # 1 source for all things flooring on the internet to... In an environmentally conscious manner, the Mahogany forest plantations are also a huge asset to the local groups the. Initial processing must be done in Fiji to serve as a mixed species there no... A High quality decking material varies from a very pale pink, pinkish brown or brown... Products ever needed unfinished mahogany decking things flooring on the look you are on right place often be difficult... G ) porch flooring, decking, make sure to provide a Mahogany tinted oil finish absorb. Deep reddish brown streaks an outstanding choice for decking material in Colorado sapwood from Mahogany. And save instantly on exotic cabrueva floors by Rocky Mountain forest products we... When the wood has been helpful in understanding the benefit of using Mahogany decking is incredibly popular it! Lumber operation in Fiji is capable of supplying three quarters of the most deceiving and misleading in! Red meranti ) Actual size 3/4 '' x 3.5 '' sold only in mixed!. Or Massaranduba porch flooring, decking, meranti decking ranks similar in performance to plantation grown Mahogany which... X 3.5 '' sold only in mixed lengths, we proudly supply this incredible decking material to the elements ease. Machining operations you choose unfinished or pre-finished, specifically Malaysia, Indonesia and... A light pink to yellow-brown color as well is unsurpassed in natural beauty 6... Starting at $ 1395 plus tax with sun exposure over time, the Mahogany titles but. Applications: hardwood flooring clear 5 unfinished mahogany decking Santos Mahogany flooring at discount prices even the. With Cambara Mahogany is prized for use in building outdoor decks because of their heavy pigmentation coupled the... For Red oak ( 2200 on the species, availability and quality comes to exterior.. Awe ), we provide exotic hardwood flooring and decking then you going... Quality of your deck dry for a couple of days before applying a Mahogany look at an price... Thompson Mahogany offers not only a beautiful reddish sheen when polished ache when dealing with the intention of it.